Sunday, April 22, 2012

Retired at 34?!

As you know from my last post, my parents came down for a one night visit close to the end of February. I've lived in the Charleston area now for just a little over a year.  So, just like every other time she's visited, my mom asked if she thought we would stay here & how we like living here.  My husband works in management with the railroad.  We move a lot.  In the past 5 years, we lived & owned 4 different houses in 4 different cities.  So, of course, we aren't going  to stay here.  My answer every time she asks is, "We really like it here, but I'm sure we'll move somewhere else eventually, but hopefully not too soon."  Somehow though this last time, she got it in her head that we loved it here & we were not going anywhere else.  In fact, we love it here so much that Wes, my husband, retired & we're staying here.  Wes of course thinks this is the funniest thing ever.  He said he would love if he could & had enough money to retire at the age of 34.  Of course, this is absurd since my husband isn't anywhere close to retiring age, & anyone in their right mind would know that.

We were on vacation a couple of weeks ago.  We went to Tennessee to visit Wes' grandparents.  We split the trip up, and went to my mom & dad's for the night, then on to TN the next day.  Of course, the first thing my mom asks Wes when we get there is how he's enjoying his retirement, & its even harder to explain because he rarely gets to travel unless he's on vacation.

The funniest thing though, is when she asks me what Wes is up to when we are skyping.  When I say, "working" without thinking, she looks at me like I've lost my mind.  =)  Who knows how long Wes will be retired for.  Hopefully not too much longer, because we will, eventually, get transferred again, & I'm sure that will be very confusing for my mom.

The hardest thing about this situation though, like many other situations we deal with with my mom, is understanding why she can remember things she has made up to fill in the blank spaces, but can't remember things that she likes to eat or our birthdays.  The brain is an amazing thing.

Until next time, I'm enjoying my husband's retirement......


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